Moving Forward: A Note To Women 

On the eve of International Women’s Day, there is much to celebrate. I’m aware there’s still work to do as a society but that shouldn’t take away from all the inspiring women that surround us. For me that’s my mother, my friends, my family, my mentors, and my celebrities.

In 2014, I wrote a piece for Brown Girl Magazine titled “Are We The Mean Girls?” It was a reaction to an in-class activity on how society stereotypes women. As I went through the activity, I found myself angered at what I was discovering. Instead of supporting and standing by each other, we as women are the quickest to judge and label each other. Fast forward to today, I feel the situation is still the same in so many cases. Today as women we stand together to fight for gender equality, equal rights and equal pay, so why do we feel the need to judge each other for turning down a job or marrying too early?

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