i've always had an obsession with the celebrity Q&A interviews. here's my quick attempt at interviewing myself in hope's that you'll learn a little bit more about me.

who are you?
an indian-american millennial chasing her dreams in the crazy, exciting, fast-paced world of media. i'm also passionately curious, i spend too much time on Google reading about anything and everything.

where do you currently work?
i'm a brand strategist at popsugar.

what are you passionate about?
cool brands, tech & social media, women's rights, and a good books.

right brain or left brain?
both  -  i'm creative yet strategic and a total Type A, however if it comes to math, don't ask me. 

three things you're obsessed with?
beauty, bollywood, and beyonce. 

something you're not embarassed to admit?
die hard pop-culture junkie, serial dessert eater, and if alone, can almost always be found dancing in front of the mirror.